Our village, Prosilio Laconias, certainly one of the most beautiful villages of Laconia.
The place is drenched in green due to the presence of Smynous river, virgin natural environment, history from the classical period up to newest years, without moisture, is definitely a place that you can spend pleasant days, making alternative tourism, vacation or even to stay a lifetime.
The Prosilio administratively belongs to the municipality of East Mani (former with Kapodistrian plan, municipality of Smynos), divided into two main settlements, in Xorio and Rachidia, but there are others, such as Xemonia and Karvouneika.
From our village you can see in the other side of the river the villages, Kastania, Selegoudi, Agios Nikolaos, Kokina Louria and Melisa. From Rachidi still looks the Petrina, and the eyes reaching the sea.