Constantine Tritakis expresses in his book "My village is Strontza" here in this land before many years created a sheepfold, in this sheepfold dwelt the workers who built the city water supply project of Gythion
With the passing of years and paraphrased from Stroutzies to Strontza.
in the 1920s, became nationwide the change names in villages and asked the community Strontzas the new name.
The Easter of 1925 or 1926 inhabitants had sat in the cavity from a tree (today the village square) and chatted to decide the new name of the village.
There has the appearance of a medical student P. Tritakis and educated as he was, he asked him for his opinion. He, seeing them all to sit in the sun and the sun bathes the whole village, the responded: Sunny Village or Prosilio.
So the village leaders decided Prosilio, name and thing.
However after almost 90 years the name Strontza stubbornly survives against Prosilio not only in language but many times and written.